Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel pleads against criticism on behalf of Romelu Lukaku after he made just 7 touches in the team’s last match.


The manager gushed this on Monday that Romelu Lukaku should not be made fun of after the £98 million ($133 million) striker had just seven touches in the weekend’s 1-0 win at Crystal Palace.


Tuchel revealed that it’s not what the club wants that Lukaku wants after a postmatch interview and stated that the team will protect the player by saying…


“It’s not what we want and not what Romelu wants but it’s not the time to laugh about him and make jokes,”

“He is in the spotlight and we will protect him because he’s our player.”

“There’s even a history of strikers struggling a little bit at Chelsea so it’s not the easiest place in the world for strikers but I don’t know exactly why it’s like this,” 

“We had many games throughout the year together where we created many chances but struggled a bit in the conversion.


Now at the moment, it’s a time where we struggle to create too many big chances for our strikers and I think this is a normal period in a long season.

“We are well aware of it but like most of the time in football, there’s not one way to solve a problem. It’s a very complex sport and we try to keep on playing with belief in the team effort.”