Due to some circumstances, Chelsea is not allowed to wear the world champions badge on Premier League shirts.

Chelsea have earned the right to wear a golden world champions patch on their shirts by defeating Palmeiras in the Club World Cup finals

However, they won’t be able to add this to their Premier League kits.

Premier League rules prohibit any mid-season changes to the kits used, although Liverpool was allowed to display the golden badge on their kit in a one-off game after they won the Club World Cup two years ago.

Chelsea may request a similar exemption, but the Blues can already use it in all Champions League matches.

However, they could proudly wear the gold badge when they take on Lille on the last 16, while they could wear it in the FA Cup if they apply for special permission from FIFA.

FIFA explained that the world champions patch is only allowed for use on first-team shirts, with FIFA banning it from being used on training gear by saying…

“As per the usage guidelines, the winning team can wear the FIFA World Champions Badge from the day it becomes champions up to and including the final of the next edition of the tournament,” 

“The badge may only be used on the current official team playing shirts.

“That means that the FIFA World Champions Badge may not be used on previous [or] historical versions of the team shirts, training jerseys, tracksuits, training tops or any other products.”