Ace Bilingual actress, Juliet Ibrahim reveals the reason why men do not propose to their girlfriend early.

Reporting according to PUNCH the actress unleashed that men only propose to their girlfriends only when the girl says she’s pregnant.

Juliet also gushed that men will be enjoying their girlfriends for months and years without considering if the lady is a wife material or not.

She further explained that men find themselves being responsible for their girlfriend’s pregnancy because the lady wants to get married.

The actress also revealed that the current generation is playing games with each other by saying…

“I find it quite confusing and offensive that most guys nowadays will only propose and think of proposing to a woman “only” when she says she’s pregnant.

“So, you will be chopping somebody’s daughter for months/years and it won’t click you that she’s a wife material all those months/years but only when she says I’m pregnant you’ll now remember she’s fit to be a wife?

“No wonder many guys are getting trapped with pregnancy unandan by these girls that understand men with such a mindset. It is like everyone is playing a game everywhere I turn now. What is happening to this generation? Anyway, what do I know.”