It is a well-established truth that most individuals today spend all of their spare time on social media platforms, and Instagram is one of the most well-liked options. Since so many people spend their time on the app, it presents a chance for you as a musician or producer to establish a fan base and sell your music. It would be best if you took advantage of this possibility.

Some several different approaches and approaches have been utilized in the past to get amazing results on Instagram. Still, there is no question that Instagram has evolved a lot since it was first introduced and has become quite competitive.

Because of the many marketers and influencers that use Instagram to advertise various goods and services, it may be challenging for new users to distinguish themselves and establish a name on the platform. Whoever suggested that becoming successful on Instagram would be simple to do is lying. You have to put in a lot of effort and adhere to tried-and-true best practices for success on social media to establish a solid presence there.

In this book, you will learn several ideas and approaches that can assist you in using Instagram to market your music and establish an audience for yourself.

Let’s have a grasp on how Instagram operates and how it might be used for the promotion of musical compositions.

How does the Instagram app work?

If you’re new to Instagram or have recently begun using it, you should familiarize yourself with a few key aspects of the network and the features that make it beneficial for those who create content. To get the most out of Instagram, you must have a firm grasp of the specific characteristics that set it apart from other social media networks. The functions of Instagram Stories will be the subject of our first discussion here today.

Instagram Stories

Instagram, which competes directly with Snapchat, has rolled out a feature that enables users to submit photos and videos that vanish from the app after 24 hours. Instagram Stories is a wonderful way to interact with followers, which is particularly useful when you want to share your ideas and opinions about anything. This is the primary reason why marketers and influencers enjoy using Instagram Stories. You do not need to follow other users to watch their tales, which is a fantastic feature of Storie’s and one of the reasons why it is such an effective tool for expanding your following.

Many industry professionals believe that utilizing this feature to market your music and products makes it significantly more effective. This is because it enables you to engage with not only your followers but also the followers of other users who could listen to your music. You need consistency to make Stories popular; if you have a lot of interesting stuff, people will start following you. One thing that makes Instagram Stories so enticing is the fact that they produce a lot of interaction. This is because your followers can communicate with you via comments and emojis.

It is also essential to point out that every one of your followers, not only those on a particular list, can share your Stories. You may grow your fan base and generate a larger following by developing high-quality Instagram Stories that are readily shareable on other apps and websites, such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Instagram Live

Instagram Stories is one of the network’s best features, but Instagram Live is much better since it allows users to stream live video content. Stories cannot do this. If you want to attract more people to hear your music, streaming live material is a good idea since it increases the chances of engaging with those who already follow you.

You can communicate with your audience on Instagram Live by posing questions or collecting their feedback on a subject after sharing useful material with them using the Instagram Live feature. You may broadcast your videos using Instagram Live from any location, which is one of its many appealing features. For example, you can do it from a concert’s backstage area or the recording studio.

You can gain real-time involvement from your followers on Instagram Live, which means they may Like and Comment on the videos you are broadcasting as they are happening. This is another amazing feature of Instagram Live.

Because we are already discussing Instagram Live, let’s take this opportunity to speak about the significance of hashtags and the reasons you should utilize them to increase your visibility.

Hashtags represent the power of categorization.

When advertising their music on Instagram, one of the most common and significant errors new users make is failing to use hashtags. But, when discussing music and social media, using hashtags makes it much simpler to be seen by others. People who share a post with a hashtag are interested in the subject. This results in more visibility for the artist or producer in question.

You should use as many pertinent hashtags as is reasonably practical for each post. Still, you should also develop a singular and distinctive hashtag connected to your music and your postings’ themes. If you want to stand out from the crowd and be readily discovered by people browsing through Instagram, you need to utilize relevant hashtags so that other users can find your material more quickly. This will allow you to be easily found by people browsing through Instagram.

Monitoring and researching other prospective influencers and marketers on Instagram is crucial before you upload any material there. It is important to know how they utilize hashtags to develop a greater presence in the community. You are free to use the same hashtags and methods as everyone else, but you should constantly strive to be original and inventive.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s move on to the more advanced Instagram strategies that will help you build a strong and profitable presence on the site.

7 Marketing Strategies for Music Producers and Artists to Use on Instagram

The basic objective of any marketing effort is to increase the amount of exposure your music receives so that more people become aware of it, begin sharing your material, and ultimately become fans of your music. But to successfully promote your music on Instagram, you must do things properly. You will only get what you desire if you keep everything the same.

Now that we’ve gotten that out let’s discuss some music marketing methods you should use on Instagram.

1. Post at Peak Times

When you are trying to promote your music on Instagram, you first need to research the ideal times of the day and days of the week to publish your content. The morning and afternoon hours are the most productive times to post on social media platforms since these times provide you more time to grow your following, which is particularly important if you upload a video.

Check the activity data of your followers to see which days and times of the week they are most active. On Saturdays and Sundays, individuals tend to be more active between seven and nine in the morning. Also, you want to publish your videos around the busiest periods of the day; thus, conducting experiments to determine the optimal posting hours is essential.

You should upload videos at peak periods since people are more engaged and active. As a result, uploading a video during peak hours will produce more exposure for your music if you do so.

2. On-Demand Content

You should upload material on-demand to obtain the most results from Instagram Marketing for your music. This means that after watching the initial video or picture, consumers will want more of what you have to offer them. It would be in your best interest not to advertise your complete music collection but only the most recent or popular song posted on your page.

Users may learn about or discover new music or artists using on-demand marketing, which is wonderful since it enables them to do so without listening to a whole album. This is vital for establishing a following and generating enthusiasm around your work.

Creating brief films and capitalizing on the trend of videos with a maximum length of two minutes is an effective tactic for using on-demand services. Individuals have a greater propensity to watch short videos because they find them more appealing.

Creating short films is another effective method since you may release multiple simultaneously rather than just a single lengthy video. Your audience will continue to be interested in your Instagram profile if you provide them with material that can be accessed on demand, and they will be more inclined to share the stuff they see on your page with their followers.

3. Engage in Collaborative Efforts With Other Influencers

Collaborating with other artists or social media influencers is one of the most important marketing tactics to promote your music on Instagram. You may team up with other artists who work in the same genre as you, or you could take advantage of the popularity of other musicians whose fans number more than your own.

You need to collaborate with other well-known artists who have a strong following if you want to establish a sustainable platform for your music career. This is particularly true for Instagram. The greatest method to get people to identify and listen to your music is to collaborate with an influencer who already has a following in your target audience.

You may collaborate with other artists by producing remixes of the newest tracks they’ve released or by sharing other musicians’ material on your profile. If you create a remix of a well-known song, you will gain greater exposure from it, and the original artist will likely share it, which means that your name will also be referenced in connection with the song. This is one of the finest methods to acquire more visibility on Instagram, and it is also wonderful for developing an online community.

You need to locate music producers or influencers with a larger following on Instagram and try to collaborate with them if you want to work with other musicians. You may also sell your music and get greater exposure by collaborating with other musicians.

If you want to increase the number of people who hear your music, one of the best ways is to collaborate with an artist with a large following. Working with a musician with a lesser fanbase will result in less exposure for you.

If you want a strong presence on Instagram, you should work with other artists who play in a different genre. Doing so will allow you to connect with a greater number of people.

4. Collaborate on Musical Compositions With Other Artists

It would be best to use this tactic and work with other artists since music cooperation is one of the most effective strategies to obtain big exposure on Instagram. A more diversified audience will view your material, so your subject will be revealed naturally. But, the primary objective of your partnership should be to create music rather than to market your music.

One effective method for generating material in collaboration with other artists is to compose remixes of their songs and then repost them on your Instagram page. Suppose you find that a well-known musician has a sizable following on Instagram. In that case, you might repost the musician’s most recent video or photograph and include a remark advertising your song. Reposting a video, even if you don’t earn any money from it, will bring more attention to your music and promote more interaction on your account.

This is an excellent method for you to employ to sell your product since it will attract more customers, and the well-known artist will be mentioned in the article, which is essential for promoting your music.

You and other artists may also work together by producing remixes of one other’s most recent tracks and uploading them to Instagram with the same hashtag. Another fantastic method for collaborating with others is to make remixes of their most recent song and publish them on your profile.

Working on a musical project with other artists may be a fruitful method to increase the visibility of your profile within the music community. The only drawback to pursuing this technique is that it won’t result in any financial gain; hence, you should only cooperate with somebody once you have something in exchange for your efforts.

If you want to be successful on Instagram, you need to have a strong music platform, and collaborating with other artists who play a variety of styles is essential. Working together with other Instagram users who have a larger following than you do can allow you to get greater visibility on the platform.

5. Have constant interaction with the people that follow you

If you want to achieve success on Instagram, you must provide high-quality material your followers can connect with. One of the primary reasons people don’t follow artists on Instagram is because they believe they would have a different experience there than when listening to their music.

Another difficulty is that your adherents must be aware of your identity. Since Instagram is mostly focused on visual material, you must share things about yourself and connect with the people who follow you.

Imagine that you want to start a community on Instagram. If this is the case, you may use your Instagram account to release music, provide information about yourself, and interact with the people following you.

You may give your followers the impression that they are getting to know you better by posting items from your everyday life and sharing pictures and videos with them. Suppose people think they know you well enough. In that case, they will begin to follow your profile since they are more interested in pursuing a person who posts fascinating information linked to their interests. You should use this method if you want your followers to feel like they know you and understand who you are, which is necessary for them to continue following you.

Sharing engaging photos and videos regularly is another fantastic tactic to grow your Instagram following; you can do this by clicking here. On the other hand, it is essential that every picture or video has something intriguing and that this something should be relevant to the viewer.

Making a video or a picture pertinent to your followers will benefit you since you will receive more engagement. This means that people who enjoy your music and follow your account will continue to follow you if you provide content that is relevant to them.

Establishing a powerful presence on Instagram is essential, but you must also provide sufficient value to your followers to ensure they will continue following you there. The more interesting your material is, the more likes and follows you will get, and it will also be simpler for people to follow you if they enjoy your work.

If you want more likes on Instagram, you need to interact with your followers and provide them with relevant stuff. This has the potential to raise the level of interaction within your account and make your profile accessible to users of Instagram who are not already following you.

6. Host a giveaway to attract a larger number of followers.

If you want to raise awareness of your brand and be seen by others who may be interested in following you, you could organize a giveaway or a contest for your followers to sign up. You may acquire more visibility and interact with people who will be interested in seeing your new music product by announcing the release of your new album or holding a music contest. This is a terrific approach for you to get more publicity.

If you are not a particularly well-known musician, you can run a modest competition in which the prize is a complimentary admission pass to your upcoming show. Alternatively, ask your fans to vote on which track from your most recent album they would like to hear and then provide them with a complimentary digital download. Your chances of gaining greater exposure will increase proportionately with the number of followers that vote in your polls and otherwise interact with your competition.

Hosting a giveaway is another fantastic approach to promoting your music and communicating with listeners already familiar with your work. You may advertise your music on Instagram by holding a giveaway to get more followers and increase exposure to your work.

You can also capture people’s attention by giving away free stuff, so they learn about what you’re doing and get familiar with you and your music.

7. Repost content created by other artists.

One of the most effective methods for promoting your music on Instagram is reposting a post created by another artist. Your profile will get a greater amount of exposure due to this, and the number of people who like and follow your account will also rise as a direct result.

If you repost an artist’s post, you may gain as many as 200 likes on a photo or video you publish to your account. This will assist in increasing the exposure of your account. It is crucial to share the works of other artists on your budget since it may help promote their material. Reposting is one of the best ways to build a following, and many wonderful ways exist.

Imagine that you want to get noticed on Instagram. If this is the case, you should repost other artists’ posts since they will raise the visibility of your account, and you will get more likes. This indicates that if you are a musician attempting to market your music, you may use reposting to acquire more exposure.

While reposting other people’s Instagram posts is an excellent way to introduce yourself to other Instagram artists who have a larger following than you do, you need to make sure that the report’s core is relevant to your followers and that people will appreciate your post. If you want more likes and followers on Instagram, ensure your information is appropriate so your fans will connect with the position you share.

Choose the correct moment to republish content created by other artists if you want to do so. To increase the amount of attention, likes, and followers you get on Instagram, consider reposting on the same day they publish new material on their account. It would be best if you also reposted their work as soon as it is released since reposting other artists’ posts is an excellent tactic for you to adopt on Instagram to obtain more exposure and more likes and followers for your account.

You must provide the artist’s name in the attribution section of each repost. This lets the original creator know that you’ve shared their work on your profile and allows them to interact with the post.

You can use this tactic to get more likes and followers on Instagram; however, if you want to increase your reach and audience engagement, you should repost the work of other artists in addition to your posts. This will encourage your followers to interact with your Instagram content. You have to share the work of other artists if you want them to discover your work and share it on their accounts. Only then will you notice improved results.


Increasing your profile online and getting the word out about your music may be tough. Still, several tactics are available to you on Instagram that can help you achieve both of these things more effectively. If you want greater exposure, you need to get off to a good start; thus, rather than producing something tiny, you should begin large and ensure you have a strong foundation upon which you can grow.

To market your music, you should begin by building your profile. On your profile, you should give a compelling description of who you are as an artist and share the work of other artists on your account to get awareness.

When you want to promote your music on Instagram, you need to ensure that your profile has a catchy username and that it’s simple for people to recall what you’re all about.