Nigerian singer, Simi reveals how she struggled with stage fright while she struggled for fame in the music industry.

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The mother of one unleashed this via her verified Twitter handle, as she unleash that music is her destiny she also gushed that she was broke and needed someone to be funding her.

This is coming after the singer released her song titled Sare. Sare is her first music for the year 2022 which she released just after her husband Adekunle Gold released his album titled Catch Me If you Can.

Quoting her exact words, Simi unleashed those things she didn’t wait to come to her naturally by saying…

“There are so many things that don’t come naturally to me that I’ve had to master because my kadara (destiny) chose music. Like fame. And networking. And depending on outside opinions. I’m just now seriously coming to terms with how difficult this is for me. Sorry Simi.

“Most days, I just want to write whatever song I like, read a book and hang out with my daughter…and have someone putting 1m dollaz in my acct weekly just for being myself.

“It’s hard work for my spirit and mind.

“I used to have disgusting stage fright for years, but I loved music so much, I fought for it lol. I don’t even know what’s funny lol as how.”